Custom Built Array Mbiras

Allowing customers to choose not only size, but type of wood, inlay material and finish.

Hollow body Accoustic Dimensions # of keys Pricing
Three-octaves 13" x 19" x 5" 90 $1,500 & up
Four-octaves 17" x 26" x 5.5" 120 $1,900 & up
Five-octaves 22" x 31" x 6" 150 $2,300 & up


Solid Body Electric Dimensions # of keys Pricing
Three-octaves 7" x 22" x 1.65" 90 $1,400 & up
Four-octaves 9" x 27" x 1.65" 120 $1,700 & up
Five-octaves 11" x 32" x 1.65" 150 $2,000 & up

Here are some samples of a few custom Array Mbiras we have made.




Standard Note Range

3 octave ___ C2 to B4
4 octave ___ C2 to B5
5 octave ___ C1 to B5


Note range modifications are available on request. For instance, a  four octave instrument could be made with the note range of C1 to B4 or C3 to B6. We've also created a few custom 2 and 6 octave Mbiras, only available for custom orders.


Micro-tonal tuning

Non-standard specialized tunings are available by master tuner Bill Wesley. Please see the Array System for the standard tuning system.


Shipping Information

All prices for shipping are for Continental US only. For Alaska/Hawaii or International please contact us before placing an order to get a quote.


Custom Built Cases

Any Array Mbira can be ordered with a custom case for traveling, and or shipping. Cases start at $350 and have several options for handles and wheels.